Caring for Outdoor Blinds (So they Don’t Look Like Crap)

Outdoor blinds add value to your property by improving its aesthetic appeal, protecting outdoor furniture and other valuables from the harsh weather elements and cooling down the area. But for effective operation and years of trouble-free service, it is essential that you clean them regularly and follow the appropriate maintenance guidelines.

Here are some general tips for preserving the life of your blinds:

  • Do not roll up the blinds when wet. Allow them to dry completely before rolling them up to prevent the possibility of mildew (in certain types) or a cloudy appearance in translucent shades.
  • In some cases, you might have to roll up the blinds when wet, especially in business premises. In such situations, roll them down and allow to dry completely at the first possible opportunity.
  • In extreme wind or stormy conditions, it is best to keep your blinds rolled up. Though outdoor blinds are generally strong and can withstand heavy winds, extreme gale-force conditions can cause damage.
  • Handle the rolling mechanism with care. Do not use force if zips, clips or straps get stuck. Gently try to free the blinds in steps, taking care not to cause damage.
  • Spot clean regularly to remove any bird droppings, grass particles or leaves, soil, grease etc. so that dirt does not remain on the blinds.
  • Clean both sides of the blinds regularly as per the cleaning instructions described below. Avoid any harsh scrubbing which could damage the surface properties.
  • Never apply strong detergents, soaps, insect sprays or petrochemicals to the blinds.
  • Most patio blinds Sydney are made from waterproof material so use as much water as you like.


For fabric blinds

Before cleaning, remove any visible dirt using a soft brush.

  • If any mildew is present, use very diluted chlorine bleach to wash the shades and brush clean with a soft brush.
  • Do not use any detergents, soaps or other liquid cleaners as this can affect the fabric quality.
  • A garden hose can be used to clean the shades thoroughly in place, preferably on a sunny day.



For PVC blinds

Remove all visible dirt using a soft sponge in order to avoid scratching during cleaning. Do not use brushes for PVC blinds.

  • PVC blinds can also be hosed down using low pressure garden hoses.
  • Avoid using solvents or abrasive cleaners. Instead, use a small amount of dish soap diluted with water.
  • Remove excess water with a soft towel and allow to dry in the sun.


For timber blinds

Timber blinds can be left natural after oiling or lacquered and painted in different colours. For painted blinds, the cleaning is easy. Simply wipe off the blinds using a soft, wet cloth. Natural blinds may need to be oiled once a year to maintain the timber’s condition.

  • Do not use any kind of cleaning products on timber blinds.
  • Timber blinds can be vacuumed using the brush attachment. Hold the blinds with one hand while vacuuming to avoid damage to the roll-up mechanism.
  • Remove any foreign matter or dirt as soon as possible to ease the cleaning process.


Clean outdoor blinds add beauty and character to your exteriors and increase the value of your property.