Avoid these 3 Mistakes When Getting a Bali Hut

How To Avoid 3 Scary Mistakes Bali Huts E-Buyers Make

Imagine closing your eyes and feeling the breeze blow through your Bali Hut.  You are not in Bali; you are in your own backyard.

Bali Huts are not only romantic but a smart way to provide shelter from the scorching sun.   No longer found only on resort islands, Bali Huts are popping up in backyards and gardens everywhere.

The internet has opened up whole new buying possibilities and with that always comes scams or online purchase mistakes.

This article will give you a run down on the scariest mistakes e-buyers make when making a Bali Hut purchase.

Bali Huts


Here Are 3 of The Scariest Mistakes To Avoid:

  1. What?!?  That’s not what I ordered!  I bet you never want to say that about your newly purchased Bali Hut, right?  Sometimes it can be really scary when you see what you have really purchased.

Painted wood instead of stained, rotted thatch, low quality fasteners, too small of a crown, thin rafters and too thin of thatch spacing.  You’ve found that your new Bali Hut has not been engineered; it has been put together with low quality materials and shortcuts. Have a look at the bali huts on aaronsoutdoor.com.au/bali-huts to see what quality timber finishes look like.

Get every detail of your hut before ordering.  Talk to the company and pull out your calculator to make sure all the dimensions add up.

  1. You decide you really don’t need to spend the extra money on a 1-2 meter larger hut.  You find yourself wishing you had once you get 3 people in your Bali Hut togther.

Always buy a little bit larger than you think you’ll need.  This gives you a lot more freedom in the future to add something like a spa in your Bali Hut.

  1. We all want value but none of us wants to sacrifice quality.  I’ve made purchases that were less than all the others and I’ve usually come to regret it.  I’ve always said to myself that I wished I had just spent the little bit of extra money to get what I wanted in the first place.

Have you ever felt this way too?

The materials and labor all pretty much costs the same, no matter what the size of the company is.  If you find a significantly lower cost on a Bali Hut make sure you ask yourself where they cut corners and quality to advertise such a lower price.


If you looking for that tropical bali style in your back garden, you need to be weary of what bali huts are on the market.

Low quality Bali Huts will only last about 2-4 years before you will need to purchase another one.  Is saving that money up front worth it if you know you will have to spend more later, down the road?

It will be close to impossible to get your money back from these suppliers.  Now that’s truly scary, right?