5 Top Benefits of Synthetic Grass

If you talk to many sports fans, especially those who watched the NFL for the past few decades, generally speaking you will find that many of those fans always preferred seeing natural grass to artificial turf, but the truth is that synthetic grass as come a long way since the days of hard (and unrealistic looking) rubber turf. Actual synthetic grass has advanced to the point where it looks and feels much more like the real thing. This means it has so many more uses than in previous years past – even those that were only a few years old.

There are many benefits to going with synthetic grass over the real thing, so read on for five reasons why you may want to make the switch!

Benefit #1: Never Mow Again

Synthetic grass doesn’t grow, which means no matter how much it rains you won’t have to mow the lawn. That is a big money saver in and of itself, and will help keep the neighbors from being angry when the mower is down and you let it grow for an extra week or two. The lack of needing a mower and the additional costs that come with it are a great benefit.

Benefit #2: No Maintenance Necessary

There are many smaller benefits that come under this umbrella positive of going with synthetic grass. The lawn never needs watering aside from an occasional cleaning to get rid of dirt or clumps of debris like fallen leaves or blown seeds. The plastic grass doesn’t need water. Another benefit is that since the good look stays, you don’t need fertilizer or pesticides or soil treatments.

With synthetic grass you’re not growing healthier grass or worrying about pests so there just aren’t those extra tasks, work, and expenses that you would normally associate with keeping a top notch yard up. This also means no weeds and thus no weeding. This can be a touch on the negative side if you like the occasional wild flowers popping up but generally speaking this keeps a beautiful uniform look.


Benefit #3: Synthetic Grass Is Extremely Durable

Durability is a major benefit of synthetic grass. Drought or drought-like conditions won’t burn up your lawn or make it a problem. Too much rain won’t drown out your lawn since the grass is synthetic. In addition to this, synthetic lawns are designed to last for many years, and maybe even decades. To reassure people worried about wear, most Sydney synthetic grass is stabilized for UV impact so the synthetic lawn won’t fade, either.

Benefit #4: Synthetic Grass Is Soft & Safe

Synthetic grass looks a lot more like regular grass now, and is meant to feel the same way, as well. Synthetic lawns are now comfortable, feel great, and are safe for kids and pets. Many cities are even beginning to make this move because it requires less maintenance, looks good, and with no mowing or pesticide and fertilizer treatment needed, there’s no exposure to chemicals. That’s good news for kids, pets, and people alike.

Benefit #5: Maximum Aesthetic Appearance For Minimal Effort

Finally, it’s worth noting that synthetic grass consistently gives you a great appearance without having to make a heavy handed effort. No weeding, no watering, no mowing, no fertilizer, no pesticides, no careful trimming, and yet with an occasional rinse it doesn’t matter how rainy or sunny it has been, your synthetic lawn offers a lush green landscape. You can’t argue with those results.

These are five of the best reasons, among many others, to take a serious look at synthetic grass as being the answer to your landscaping needs.